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Browsing Detail in Javascript

June 30, 2010

Put the following code in your aspx page or you can put the code in js file then just drag the file in your respective aspx page. The code will represent the browsing detail of your machine while debug. The information’s are Browser’s application name, application version, platform, will be presented in detail. It’s really nice to get all these information from client side. So, just copy and paste. Hope that you will like it.

<script type=”text/javascript”>

var browser=navigator;

var border_color=”#afc784″;

document.write(“<style>.new{font-family: arial,verdana; margin: 1px; font-size:13px; border:1px solid”+ border_color+”; padding-left: 2px;}</style>”);

document.write(“<table class=new><tr><td>”);

document.write(“Browser Name</td><td>”+ browser.appName +”</td></tr><tr><td>”);

document.write(“Browser Version</td><td>”+ browser.appVersion +”</td></tr><tr><td>”);

document.write(“Browser Platform</td><td>”+ browser.platform +”</td></tr><tr><td>”);

document.write(“Cookies Enabled</td><td>”+ browser.cookieEnabled +”</td></tr><tr><td>”);

document.write(“User Agent</td><td>”+ browser.userAgent +”</td></tr><tr><td colspan=2 align=center>”);

document.write(“&copy;<a href=\”\”></td></tr></table>”);



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